Would you like to ease the workflow on the construction site? Then have a closer look at the construction lift. Platform.as offer the largest material and personnel lift on the market for rental. Not all construction lifts are approved for personnel, as this requires a special approval. At Platform.as we would like to ease the workflow for our customers as much as possible – that is why our construction lift carries the special approval for use for both personnel and materials.


Our construction lift is particularly suitable for large construction projects with many floors. The construction lift can carry up to 3.2 tonnes of material or 27 people. The large dimensions of 1.5 metres in width and 3.7 metres in length, makes sure that there is plenty of space for various materials – or materials and personnel at the same time. This means that you minimise the many trips up and down the building and thus save some time.

Our construction lift is approved to operate at a height of up to 300 metres, and it is primarily used for the construction of new buildings where large quantities of material must be carried up the many floors. The construction lift also provides the opportunity for lifting long and elongated materials. The lift has a spacious side door, which can be completely opened. This means that you can drive entire pallets or other large objects directly into the lift using a skid-steer loader or a truck. It provides easy accessibility, which eases the workflow as you do not have to struggle to get the materials fitted into the lift.

Construction lift

The construction lift is placed on a strong, robust base unit. It has a speed of 54 metres per minute, so that you can quickly, efficiently and safely transport materials from one floor to another.

In this video you get all the benefits as to why Ingcon uses our construction lift on their projects.


We rent out our construction lifts for as long a time as you may need them. When you choose to rent a construction lift from us, we take care of the process from start to finish. This means that we are responsible for everything between delivery, set-up and pick up after the finished project.

We have many long-term collaborations with our customers who use our lifts for long periods of time, but it is also possible to rent a construction lift for smaller projects.

You can advantageously combine our construction lift with a mobile mast climbing work platform as a flexible alternative to the classic scaffolding. The mobile mast climbing work platform allows you to move around as the work progresses, which eases the workflow, since you do not have to set up scaffolding all around the building – no matter how big the construction is, the platform is the same and can be expanded as needed. A combination of the mast climber and the construction lift therefore eases the process considerably. Read more about our mast climbing work platforms.

At Platform.as, we would like to help you find the right solution. We deliver throughout Denmark and we always take the precise challenges you are facing into account.
Are you interested in a non-binding quotation on a construction lift for your next task? Please, feel free to contact us and let us find the best solution together.


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