If you are facing a facade project and consider using scaffolding for the task, you could consider using a mast climbing work platform instead. The mobile mast climbing work platform provides great flexibility, a better working environment and far greater safety. There are many reasons why we believe that the traditional scaffolding has found its replacement. Read more about it below and see if you agree.

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When working on a mast climbing work platform, it is possible to constantly adjust the height so that you get the ideal working height throughout the task. This is not the case with the classic scaffolding where the height is constant. This means that at some point you will have to bend down or stand on your tiptoes to do the necessary work.

When using a mast climber it is possible to completely avoid straining working heights and unsafe working positions just by running the platform up and down, depending on where you are in the process. The mast climbing work platform adapts to the work process – and not the other way around. As it should be.

The mast climbing work platform can be driven all the way down to the ground, so you can load it with the needed materials. This allows you to easily lift the materials up – and take the waste back down after finished work. This means that you neither have to subject your body to inappropriate heavy lifting nor get hold of a crane to handle the materials for you.

telescopic handler makes it possible to load materials onto the platform. From here, you only have to lift the materials up to your workplace. This allows the heavy lifting to be completely avoided.

If very heavy or larger materials are needed, you advantageously combine the mast climbing work platform with a top-slewing crane.



The mobile mast climbing work platform is flexible in several ways, as it is possible to increase the width, depth and height to adapt the platform for specific work tasks. On a traditional scaffolding the work area is usually not very large, but on a mast climbing work platform it is increased considerably.

Several models of the mast climbing work platforms are also equipped with consoles, which can be adapted to the various projections that can be found on the facade, e.g. balconies and bay windows. This allows the platform to be adapted for any workplace and situation.

Achieve the perfect working height and give the piece rate a boost

“After we switched from scaffolding to platform, it has made our day easier… we avoid all the bad lifts… and then it also goes a bit faster on the piece rate,” are some of the words from Tobias Thomsen, carpentry foreman at Byens Tømrerentreprise.

Tobias and his colleagues are in the process of installing windows when interviews him at Nordstern’s construction site in Valby, where has set up the innovative total covering that has streamlined the renovation project.


If you use a mast climbing work platform rather than traditional scaffolding for the construction project, the setup is much faster. In principle, you will only need one work platform for the entire project, which you can move along the facade as the work progresses. However, you can also choose to combine multiple mast climbing work platforms and thus cover a larger area of the facade. This means that the price of a mast climber can be matched to the price of the traditional scaffolding.

A large building, which requires scaffolding all around, is a time-consuming process. When using a mast climbing work platform, it does not matter how large the building is – the platform is the same. The mast climbing work platform is quick to assemble and easy to move around, which results in a solution that is both economical and time efficient, while reducing the hassle. And when it is time to move the platform, we will come do it for you.


The safety requirements for mast climbing work platforms are high. The authorities require, among other things, that regular inspections are carried out, just like there are specific requirements for the mast climbing work platform to be moved correctly. All of our mast climbers meet the safety requirements and since we take care of assembly, delivery and installation, the safety is top notch from start to finish. As a DRA certified company, we have even higher demands for our equipment and work processes than the authorities require.

With a mast climbing work platform tailored specifically for your project, you will achieve the absolute best starting point to solve the task efficiently and safely.


The moveable scaffolding is known as a flexible solution compared to the traditional scaffolding. The moveable scaffolding has wheels which allows you to move it around depending on your needs. However, the moveable scaffolding is not ideal for larger projects, as the size of the scaffolding is limited. There is also very often a maximum weight limit that needs to be complied with, so you have to pay attention to the materials and number of people placed on the scaffolding.

A mast climbing work platform can usually withstand a greater load without compromising on flexibility. With the option to adjust both height and width, you can adapt the platform to smaller and larger tasks. The mast climbing work platform can reach up to 200 metres in height and 46 metres in width with double masts. If you have a need for greater range, do not hesitate to contact us and we will find a solution.

Service - Quality - Safety


If you are looking to rent scaffolding for private use or for your next professional construction project, you can consider renting a mast climbing work platform instead. When you rent a mast climbing work platform from, you will get a quotation which includes everything from the initial inspection until the completion. This means that we inspect, deliver, install, move and collect the mast climbing work platform as needed.


A mast climbing work platform is also beneficial for the residents living in the building during the renovation. Even though the mast climbing work platform or scaffolding are not rented out to private customers, it is always a good idea to consider the residents of the affected building.

Unlike scaffolding, which is often wrapped in plastic to shelter workers, a mast climbing work platform can be lowered in the evening when the construction workers go home. This way, the work platform does not take up much space and thereby disturb the residents’ view as little as possible. It also gives the residents an increased security, as there is no scaffolding that can be climbed in the night by uninvited guests. This minimises the risk of burglary and vandalism.

Since the mast climbing work platform does not take up as much space as the traditional scaffolding, the residents are more likely to not feel like living on a construction site. It also improves the visual expression of the facade – also during the renovation.


Mobile mast climbing work platforms are suitable for virtually all types of facade work in all types of weather. The mast climbing work platform has the capacity for several people at the same time, and since the platform can be adjusted in height and width, the mason does not have to lie on his knees and the painter does not have to stand on his tiptoes to reach the highest places. The mast climbing work platform is, among other things, suitable for:

The mast climbing work platform is able to follow the masons’ rhythm, so unnecessary stretching, stooping and crooked working positions are avoided. Grouting, scraping and repairs are also done more efficiently using our mast climbers.

If you are facing a facade renovation, the mast climbing work platform will be an effective replacement for the traditional scaffolding. There is plenty of room for materials, so that all tools are always close at hand. This increases productivity and job satisfaction.

During the assembly phase of balconies and other facade elements, you usually work at different heights and this is why the mast climbing work platform is so great. The adjustable height is favourable while working on facade projects. The large lifting capacity also means that even the most heavy balcony bases can be mounted directly from the mast climbing work platform without difficulty. This ensures a flexible and safe assembly.

Replacing windows requires many different working positions and heights. The mast climbing work platform makes it easy to adjust the working height as needed but also makes a crane redundant. Everything is loaded onto the platform and driven up to the assembly site all at once. The old windows and doors can easily be transported down again while moving to the next workplace. The mast climbing work platforms make the heavy work easy and simple.

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If you are interested in a non-binding quotation for a mast climbing work platform or if you would like to hear more about why we recommend using a mast climbing work platform over the traditional scaffolding, then have a chat with us. Tell us about your construction project and your specific needs and we will make sure to prepare a quotation which also takes working environment, safety and efficiency into consideration.

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