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11. April 2024

Financial statement affected by losses on individual customers

The 2022-23 financial statement for shows a slight decrease in activity compared to the previous year. The result would have been on par with the previous year if not negatively affected by losses

15. February 2024 aims to add value to contractors’ bidding phase

Peter’s expertise and commitment will primarily be used to strengthen’ collaboration with contractors, helping them to see value-creating opportunities in the use of work platforms. It is already in the contractors’ bidding phase

21. December 2023 tightens safety further in the installation of construction hoists

A Swedish equipment rental company was involved in a tragic accident last week in Ursvik, north of Stockholm, where a hoist fell 20 meters. This has led to an immediate tightening of safety procedures

6. October 2023

Covered work platforms are the way to efficiency and a good working environment

The Danish winter is approaching, and with it comes the challenges of maintaining productivity and safety on construction sites all over the country. At the same time, the rules for winter measures in construction

8. September 2023

Work platforms are the modern replacement for scaffolding

The construction and civil engineering industry has for many years been accustomed to using scaffolding, but times are changing, and technology is evolving. Therefore, work platforms, with their many advantages, are emerging today as

31. August 2023 stands independent and strong despite’s bankruptcy stands independent and strong despite’s bankruptcy’s financial health is sound and stable, an independent review of the company’s accounts reveals following the announcement of’s bankruptcy. Companies may share owners, but

8. June 2023

High interest in’ custom total coverings

  In Valby, the construction company Nordstern is in the process of completely renovating seven apartment blocks.   To help streamline the many processes involved in the renovation project, Nordstern has chosen to use’

17. May 2023

Ambitious rental company celebrates its 15th anniversary

  Casper spent his child savings on 10 work platforms – today, he is Denmark’s largest renter of work platforms.  It began with a dream for the two brothers, Casper and Ulrik Knudsen, who

3. May 2023

Rent both work platforms and construction hoists from

Many of’ fitters already have extensive experience in installing and servicing both work platforms and construction hoists. We also place great emphasis on further educating our employees, so the number of qualified fitters

9. February 2023 Enters Trading Agreement with One of Denmark’s Leading Contractors is the largest player in the Danish market for the rental of work platforms and construction hoists, and now the Ishøj-based company has secured an important trading agreement with the major contracting company


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