Spare your employees the heavy lifting and make a loader do all the hard work. When you choose to rent a loader for the construction site, materials can be easily and quickly transported to the mast climbing work platform, but loaders are also particularly suitable when the platform needs to be emptied of old materials, such as doors, windows and other waste. Choose the loader that best suits your particular challenge on the construction site. Read more about skid-steer loaders and telescopic handlers.

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Do you want to streamline work on the construction site? Do you want to spare your employees from the heavy lifting and minimise injuries? Would you like a healthy work environment, where employees can use their energy to do what they do best? If you can answer “yes” to the above questions, you should consider renting a loader for your next project.

A loader handles all the heavy lifting and can also lift materials up high, so that the material can be delivered to the exact place where it is needed. And if you need to load your mast climbing work platform, you can also use a loader for this purpose. On many construction sites, you can still see mast climbers being loaded manually which is time consuming – so why not take the easy and fastest way to efficient workflows, if the opportunity is there? Rent a loader from Platform.as.

You can rent a loader for e.g lifting and transporting:

  • Mortar tubs
  • Bricks
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Tools

You can also rent a skid-steer loader or a telescopic handler.


At Platform.as, you can rent a loader to use in collaboration with your mast climbing work platform on the construction site. A rented loader does not only have a great advantage for making the work more efficient while sparing your employees – there is also another huge advantage: when you rent a loader from Platform.as, you only pay for the time you need it. In this way, you can avoid the large financial burden of buying a loader yourself, but you also avoid it taking up too much space on the construction site – which is especially an advantage on smaller sites.

We can deliver a loader throughout Denmark, so you can get a loader for your project, regardless of where in the country it takes place.

It is easy to rent a loader through Platform.as. It is delivered ready to use on the desired date and to the exact location you want. In addition, crane forks and shovels are supplied for each loader, so you are sure that the loader can handle the numerous tasks that you face.

Would you like a quotation for the rental of a loader? Feel free to contact us and get a non-binding quotation if you want the work day to be easier and more efficient. We are ready to answer any questions you may have about loaders, and we make sure to give advice on choosing the best model for your particular project.

We can tailor the solutions that work best for your construction or renovation project and facilitate the workflow every single day.


No matter which loader you are in need of, you are guaranteed that it is very powerful for the tasks.
We only want the most powerful loaders on the market in our portfolio, where quality, capacity and strength is incomparable. That is why we have chosen loaders from Schäffer and Giant. But which one is best suited for your particular project?

Our loader from Shäffer is a skid-steer loader that can easily and quickly transport materials around the construction site. This loader does not take up much space, as it is only 2.2 m high, 1.3 m wide and 3.8 m long and has a total weight of 2400 kg. It is supplied with crane forks and a shovel.
If used with crane forks, a loader from Shäffer has the lifting capacity of 1500 kg and a lifting height of up to 2.3 m.
Although it is a small loader, you should not be concerned by its ability and efficiency – it manages all of the heavy work and spares your employees of injuries.

On the other hand, a Giant loader is the right choice if you need to lift even higher. This is a telescopic handler that has a loading height of up to 4.8 m and a lifting capacity of 585 – 2,490 kg. There is a high degree of comfort for the driver, as the work takes place in a closed cabin that protects against the weather. Under the hood you will find a powerful 50 hp engine.

Both the Shäffer and Giant loaders have wheels.


Platform.as is based upon our core values, which are: service, quality and safety. Safety is particularly important to us, as it must be top notch on all the construction sites we deliver to, especially when we are the ones delivering material and machinery, including loaders. We believe that safety and efficiency goes hand in hand, and we can vouch 100% for the safety of the loaders, mast climbers and other machinery that we supply to our customers.

Platform.as is DRA-certified, which is your guarantee of high quality every single time and that all requirements and inspections of the rented loader are met. Safety is our priority. To achieve the DRA-certification, the loaders must be inspected at workshops approved under the Lift Control and Machine Control Scheme.

When you rent a loader from Platform.as, you will discover that we focus on quality. Your employees can therefore safely use our loaders – even without a certificate. It is not required by Danish law to have a certificate for using and controlling a loader, which makes the work even easier for you and all of your employees.

Service - Quality - Safety


Are you interested in a non-binding offer for a loader for the construction you are about to start? Have a chat with us and tell us about your construction and your specific needs, and we will sign off with an offer for a solution that takes the working environment, safety and efficiency into account.

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