Our customers mean everything to us – they are the core of our business. We offer great flexibility, a healthy working environment and far greater security with our unique mast climbing work platforms. Below, you will find references from several of our satisfied customers.


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More than 3,000 balconies annually

Customer: Altan.dk

Altan.dk is the largest balcony company in Denmark and they deliver more than 3,000 balconies annually. They particularly focus on making people’s balcony dreams a reality, as well as elevators through the company Alevator.

In the assembly phase, the mast climbing work platform is the most important element and we use Platform.as for more than 95% of our balcony projects. Daily, we have a close collaboration with them and we know the product extremely well by now. The mast climbing work platform gives our fitters the optimal conditions and makes sure they avoid heavy lifting. We transport the materials up and the waste down and most often we order the work platform with a mast crane at the top, which allows us to lift heavy materials onto the platform. This also allows us to fit the balcony door directly into the door opening, quickly and efficiently. Many of our customers are happy that they do not have to look at the classic, daylight blocking scaffolding. The collaboration with Platform.as is smooth and efficient and the mast climbing work platform is a modern, up-to-date solution.

Facade renovation in Nordhavn

Customer: Norisol

Norisol’s vision is to create value for customers within i.a. industry and construction through sustainable and competitive solutions – and in this connection, Platform.as is used as the supplier of mast climbing work platforms.

In recent years, we have used mast climbing work platforms for the majority of our facade projects. This gives my colleagues the best possible working conditions and makes it more time efficient. We are currently working on a facade in Nordhavn, where we have to install windows, insulation and corten steel for 60 homes. The project started during the summer of 2014 and will be completed in the spring of 2015. We have four mast climbing work platforms on this project and we move them around as needed, which gives us a great flexibility. I am very satisfied with our collaboration with Platform.as and their service definitely meets our needs and expectations.

Vendsyssel hospital in Hjørring

Customer: Færch & Co.

Færch & Co. performs a wide range of craftsman services including carpentry and masonry work for private customers and businesses. The company is involved in a number of well-known construction projects, such as Aalborg Tower and the Odd Fellow mansion, and now they wanted help to solve a renovation project at Vendsyssel Hospital in Hjørring.

I wanted to use a wall-mounted mast climbing work platform for the project and I shared my needs with Casper from Platform.as. Immediately, he was on board with the idea, so we developed a solution together which would cover our specific needs. Platform.as helps us with a total of eight single, one double and one wall-mounted mast climbing work platform, which helps us carry out a 4,000 m2 facade renovation. Platform.as offered an advantageous price and the service has been great. This is the first time we are using Platform.as - but it will definitely not be the last.

Facade renovation in Aalborg

Customer: TL Byg

TL Byg is the main contractor on a major facade renovation project of three blocks of flats in Aalborg. The existing facade was to be changed, while new balconies were added and cladding to be installed.

In the start-up phase of this project, we have used as many as eight mast climbers, all of which were tailored to the specific block of flats, so that the best possible working conditions were achieved. The collaboration with Platform.as worked flawlessly and if problems arose there would always be a quick response. I will always choose mast climbing work platforms for the projects I am managing. It is super easy.

Maersk Drilling’s new head office

Customer: Henriksen & Madsen

Henriksen & Madsen have just completed all casting and masonry work for Maersk Drilling’s new head office at Lyngby Hovedgade.

We only need one craftsman for three masons and thereby save one mason compared to other projects. The classic scaffolding causes far too much work, trouble and back problems. Together with Platform.as, we inspect the construction site and agree on the exact height and width for the mast climbing work platform in relation to the building. No two mast climbing work platforms are alike. In Lyngby we used mast climbers that were 13.5 metres wide. We are fully satisfied with the solutions delivered by Platform.as.

Blomsten on Islands Brygge

Customer: IngCon

IngCon takes care of the construction management of small and large projects, and they act as an active partner in all of the construction phases – from idea to handover.

We have eight mast climbing work platforms running on the construction of Blomsten, located at Islands Brygge. They are mounted all around the concrete skeleton and all work has been carried out from these mast climbing work platforms, including insulation, mounting of brackets for balconies, inserting windows. Finally we bricked up the entire building. The mast climbing work platforms offer a flexible way of working and with major advantages over classic scaffolding. We work closely with Platform.as on adapting the platforms and establishing the mason’s console. It works exactly like it should and if needed, Platform.as is always ready to help.

Amager Hill

Customer: Sipral

Sipral is the leading supplier of complex glass facade systems and in this case they supply the outer frame for Amager Hill in Copenhagen – a new waste-to-energy incineration plant that will open in 2017. Amager Hill’s vision is to be one of the most modern and environmentally friendly incineration plants all over Europe. Sipral simultaneously supplies entrances and different types of entrance gates for the project.

We have chosen Platform.as to supply mobile mast climbing work platforms for the project, as they have a good reputation for being a reliable partner on the Danish market - and we can confirm this after the collaboration. Since the beginning, Casper Knudsen and his team have done their best to understand our needs in this project and the collaboration has been extremely satisfactory.

Personnel and material hoists on Grønttorvet

Customer: IngCon A/S

IngCon carries out large residential projects, i.a. on the plot where Grønttorvet used to be. Here, IngCon builds a storey construction up to the 22nd floor and makes extensive use of our products, including quite a few mast climbing work platforms. As one of the first contractors in Denmark, IngCon has caught their eye on our large personnel and material hoists, which have the capacity of up to 3.200 kg at a speed of 54 m/min.

IngCon is one of perennial partners, who purchase mast climbing work platforms as well as construction hoists and skid steer loaders.


Hear more about Jørgern and Leif’s experience with our giant hoist here.

Working together with Platform.as is a big advantage because we know each other so well. We have worked together since 2012 and we have used construction hoists and more recently the large material hoist, which works as a dream. And if something goes wrong with the equipment, they make sure to fix it right away.

Hoist on Thors Bakke in Randers

Customer: KPC

KPC is a family and employee-owned company, which develops major projects within construction as main and general contractor. During the autumn of 2021, Thors Tårn will be completed. This is a large property with 19 floors – approximately 60 metres above the ground. For this project, KPC used our Alimak personnel and material hoist to optimise the construction process.

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I would like to highlight three advantages of working with Platform.as; the cooperation and the flexibility in their approach for our collaboration and speed of the Alimak hoist.


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