We continuously update the website with videoes of our mast climbing work platform solutions. The videoes show setups, moving and the use of mast climbers and should act as inspiration in relation to the use of platforms. And we often get our customers to talk about the collaboration with and the use of our platform solutions.

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Let the work platforms handle the heavy lifting

With a mobile work platform as a base, craftsmen can work safely and comfortably at height while lifting heavy materials into place. Bricklayers, for example, can easily lift heavy lintels into the masonry, and carpenters can precisely position facade sections, windows, and glass doors in the building’s facade.’ flexible platform solutions streamline new construction and renovation projects. And the risk of injuries is significantly reduced while the craftsmen are spared from being worn out by heavy and improper lifting.

Work platform adapted to an elevator tower

In Frederiksberg, two satisfied carpenters are using a work platform that has been mounted with two consoles, so the work area reaches around an elevator tower. The solution demonstrates, among other things, how flexible work platforms are, and that they can be adapted to virtually all types of facades. At, we custom-make all our solutions to streamline the workflows for the users of the machines and to add value for our renters.
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The best solution in the world

“It’s the best solution in the world,” says carpenter, Lennart Iversen, when interviewed about the 44-meter-high platform solution that has set up at a water tank that Søren Østergaard Entreprise A/S is renovating at Esbjerg Harbor. The solution consists of three work platforms that have been expanded with curved consoles, so the work area follows the round shape of the tank. Yet another good example of how work platforms – also in the industry – can replace traditional scaffolding.

Project manager loves’ customer network

Project manager Marck Olesen from HP Byg loves the Customer Network;’ extranet. On the Customer Network, moves, reconstructions, and machine pick-ups can be ordered, and all invoices, jobs, agreements, and other case-specific correspondence are accessible to the customer. Marck also finds it wonderful that he saves a lot of time on the phone, and that he can attach drawings and pictures when ordering moves of work platforms, as well as receiving a text message with information and a link to the task when ordering and carrying out jobs.
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The construction manager is very satisfied with the collaboration

“The collaboration with Platform has been absolutely fantastic… out of the four hoists we’ve had, we’ve had one breakdown,” says construction manager Johnny Jæger Pedersen in the video among other things. Johnny is the construction manager at CG Jensen’s site in Frederiksberg, where the contractor is constructing a building that will include about 700 student apartments, shops, cafés, common areas, and kitchens with balconies. On the construction site, four of’ construction hoists have assisted the contractor and their subcontractors in safely moving up and down the building, and we recently set up a work platform for the execution of the facade work.

Work platforms for all types of facades

We are often asked if work platforms can be used on round buildings, mounted around the corners of a facade, or used in connection with projecting entrance areas and facades with cornices, bay windows, balconies, etc.? Of course, they can!’ flexible solutions can almost always replace traditional scaffolding, and our work platforms also significantly enhance the working environment and safety.
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