We continuously update the website with videoes of our mast climbing work platform solutions. The videoes show setups, moving and the use of mast climbers and should act as inspiration in relation to the use of platforms. And we often get our customers to talk about the collaboration with and the use of our platform solutions.

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Work platforms for all types of facades

We are often asked if work platforms can be used on round buildings, mounted around the corners of a facade, or used in connection with projecting entrance areas and facades with cornices, bay windows, balconies, etc.? Of course, they can!’ flexible solutions can almost always replace traditional scaffolding, and our work platforms also significantly enhance the working environment and safety.

Platform Solution at Aarhus Harbor Streamlines Construction

Work platforms seriously enhance efficiency, the work environment, and safety, and users of the platforms regularly get access to Denmark’s most beautiful views. In this video, we visit a construction site near Aarhus harbor.’ solutions are also often cheaper to rent than traditional scaffolding and can be advantageously used for a wide range of construction and renovation tasks.
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Construction hoist with spacious side door

Many of’ construction hoists are equipped with a spacious side door that allows for whole pallets of materials to be loaded into the hoists. The largest of our personnel and material hoists have internal dimensions of 390 x 150 x 230 cm. (L x W x H), and they can lift up to 3,200 kg or 29 persons at a speed of 54 m/min. All these value-creating features streamline construction projects and create satisfied stakeholders on the construction site.

Total Cover on Wheels

Total covers constructed with work platforms provide craftsmen with a much larger working area than comparable scaffolding solutions. These tailor-made solutions streamline roof renovations while seriously enhancing the working environment and safety. It is possible to construct the solution so that the cover rolls on wheels, which adds even more value when working in stages on one or more buildings.
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Work Platforms for New Construction in Odense

On Havnegade in Odense, Murerfirmaet Axel Poulsen A/S is carrying out the masonry contract for the main contractor A. Enggaard A/S, who are in the process of constructing 350 owner-occupied and rental units in the attractive area near Odense Harbor. has supplied work platforms for both masonry work and window installation, and our fitters have often visited the construction site to move and adapt the platforms for the construction. Watch the video and hear our project manager Jesper Høiberg talk about the project.

Roof Safety Project in Odense

In Gartnerbyen in Odense, has recently set up work platforms for roof safety on one of the apartment blocks that H. Skjøde Knudsen A/S is constructing in the district. The roof safety solution was moved from block to block as the carpenters completed the roofs of the buildings. The roof safety was constructed using 13 work platforms, where the decks were extended to give the carpenters a huge working area with ample space to store materials. In’ solution, there are no scaffolding frames and consoles in the way of the craftsmen while they work and move around the building materials.
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