stands independent and strong despite’s bankruptcy's financial health is sound and stable, an independent review of the company's accounts reveals following the announcement of's bankruptcy. stands independent and strong despite’s bankruptcy’s financial health is sound and stable, an independent review of the company’s accounts reveals following the announcement of’s bankruptcy. Companies may share owners, but that doesn’t mean they share finances, strategy, or fate, says Platform’s CEO.

It has come to light that, which shares ownership with, has gone bankrupt. For some, this might raise concerns given the shared ownership between the balcony company and However, it’s crucial to emphasize that even though is owned by Casper Gorm Knudsen and Ulrik Hundrup-Knudsen, both of whom had a stake in, the two businesses have always operated as separate entities.

“The economies, business models, and strategies of and have always been entirely distinct. This means that’s bankruptcy in no way affects I want to underline that,” says’s CEO, Casper Gorm Knudsen.

“Of course, the two companies have leveraged synergies, such as using some of the same suppliers. And has rented work platforms and purchased services from Anything else would be peculiar. But right now, we have more rented work platforms than we have leased machines to So even though has lost a good customer, we can quickly adapt to the new situation,” the CEO added.

CEO dispels potential concerns

Following’s bankruptcy, initiated an independent review of its accounts. This was done to address any concerns and assure all stakeholders – including customers, suppliers, and employees – of the company’s resilience. The task was carried out by an external consultant with an in-depth understanding of’s finances and business model.

The result of this review was clear:’s financial health is sound and stable. It shows that, despite a potential association between the two companies in the public eye, they have managed their finances and challenges independently of each other.

“We commissioned an external consultant with thorough knowledge of’s finances to review the accounts meticulously. This extraordinary review occurred because I wanted to assure the public that stands as strong and robust today as it did yesterday. At the same time, I wanted to dispel any concerns arising in the wake of’s bankruptcy,” says Casper Gorm Knudsen, concluding:

“ continues its independent journey with a healthy financial standing, while’s bankruptcy is dealt with separately. Therefore, we continue to provide high-quality solutions to our customers, and our suppliers can expect that collaboration with will proceed as usual.”



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