“Platform trains” enhance construction management for general contractors

Effektivisering, gennemarbejdede processer og sikkerhed er nogle af nøgleordene i det årelange samarbejde mellem Ingcon og Platform.as.

“Platform trains” enhance construction management for general contractors.

Efficiency, well-developed processes, and safety are some of the key aspects of the longstanding collaboration between Ingcon and Platform.as. Together, the two companies have developed a process-oriented approach to using work platforms, optimizing construction processes.

Ingcon, which handles consulting, design, and construction management for large new constructions, has consistently chosen to use work platforms to support the construction flow at the many sites where the company manages construction.

Anders Bidstrup, partner at Ingcon, explains: “In collaboration with Platform.as, we have developed processes and workflows that work optimally for both companies. This ensures that each trade group can work efficiently and safely in succession, creating a very smooth flow on the construction site.”

At the start of the project, Platform.as assigns a project manager, and Ingcon assigns a person in the construction management team, to the case. Then, a kick-off meeting is held to plan the overall schedule for the installation and relocation of work platforms, ensuring their use best supports the timeline and the various trade groups’ tasks, such as carpentry, insulation, masonry, and sealing work.

The main goal of the kick-off meeting is to tailor the collaboration for the specific project, so the platforms “run” in a structured “platform train,” ensuring smooth and efficient work processes. Therefore, the teams within the various trade groups often have their own work platform, and the platforms are moved in succession as the trade groups complete their tasks.

Platform.as har altid en fast montør på byggepladsen, som dækker alle byggefelter.

Process-oriented collaboration creates value

Ingcon’s staff continuously coordinate the installation and relocation of the platforms and update the schedule in relation to the trade groups. Therefore, Platform.as essentially only needs to contact one person in the construction management team, simplifying communication and saving time.

Platform.as also has a permanent fitter on the construction site who covers all construction fields. In times of extra busyness, the number of fitters is increased. Ingcon’s construction manager coordinates the daily tasks directly with the permanent fitter, ensuring smooth operations.

“Our collaboration with Ingcon demonstrates how a process-oriented collaboration, combined with our flexible solutions, can create great value,” adds Casper Gorm Knudsen.

To ensure continuity and efficiency, Platform.as always trains additional fitters to handle the tasks and be part of the structured collaboration on the construction site, ensuring the flow is maintained during sickness and holidays.

Hver faggruppe kan arbejde effektivt og sikkert i forlængelse af hinanden, hvilket skaber rigtigt godt flow på byggepladsen.

Strengthened flow between trade groups on construction sites

Contractors have better control over the flow between trade groups on the construction site, and they can significantly reduce costs by renting platforms for all trade groups themselves. They also avoid having different scaffolding and platform companies on the site, ensuring a uniform approach to solving tasks and supporting good collaboration with the same people regularly present on the site.

This described collaboration model has contributed to successful construction projects, such as Grønttorvet, Blomsten, and Teglholmen, and the “platform train” is also used in ongoing projects such as Baltorpen, the district of Nærheden in Hedehusene, and Holbæk Have.

“The collaboration between Ingcon and Platform.as demonstrates how a process-oriented approach to using work platforms can significantly improve efficiency and safety on the construction site. Our goal is to continue delivering innovative solutions that optimize construction processes and ensure high quality,” concludes Casper Gorm Knudsen.



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