Financial statement affected by losses on individual customers

" er en robust og solid virksomhed. Vores resultatet for 2023 ville have været på niveau med 2022, hvis ikke det var blevet påvirket negativt af tab på enkelte kunder," siger direktør Casper Knudsen

The 2022-23 financial statement for shows a slight decrease in activity compared to the previous year. The result would have been on par with the previous year if not negatively affected by losses on individual customers.

The current year is characterized by a high rental percentage, and for 2023-24 we expect a result that is slightly lower than in 2021-22.

The 2022-23 financial statement shows a gross profit of DKK 52.4 million (DKK 61.8 million the year before) and an EBIT of -DKK 1.1 million (DKK 7.3 million the year before). The difference is due to losses on receivables, of which the loss on amount to DKK 8 million.

The net income was thus -DKK 4.7 million compared to DKK 4.3 million the year before.

“We have recognized a larger loss on receivables in the 2022-23 accounts. This is, of course, regrettable. But a high rental percentage in the first half of 2023-24, a first quarter of 2024 ahead of budget, and a team of employees who are ready for the high season, make me optimistic,” says CEO Casper Knudsen.

Totaloverdækning opført med arbejdsplatforme udlejet til Nordstern i forbindelse med et renoveringsprojekt i Valby. er i disse dage ved at opføre samme løsning for Nordstern på den næste boligblok i Valby.

High activity throughout the year surprised

The high season for letting work platforms, construction elevators, and lifts for major new constructions and renovation projects is normally in the summer half of the year, which is why we reduced staffing after the summer of 2023:

“The decline in autumn and winter, which we normally see here, did not appear. Therefore, we have spend significant resources on refilling positions and training new employees throughout the autumn of 2023,” says Casper Knudsen and adds:

“We consistently maintain a satisfactory letting percentage of around 85 percent, and in the first quarter of 2024, we are ahead of the budget. Now we are facing the high season with a strong team, so I am sure that we will achieve our target of DKK 3-5 million in results for 2023-24.”

Dobbeltmastede arbejdsplatforme udlejet til HP Byg A/S i forbindelse med nybyggeri i Aalborg.

Focus on cash position

The recently published financial statement also shows that the negative net income, combined with increased interest expenses, challenges the cash position of This is a challenge that management is focused on solving.

“ has the full support of the shareholders, some very skilled and motivated employees, and good relationships with customers and partners, so I am optimistic for the future. Furthermore, we expect that based on our sound operations, it will be possible to expand our credit facilities during the spring,” says Casper Knudsen. was established in 2008 and is owned by Casper Knudsen and Ulrik Knudsen through their respective holding companies. We have our head office in Ishøj, a branch in Aarhus, and about 55 employees.

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