Europe’s first mason robot improves the working environment for Enemærke & Petersen’s masons has developed Europe’s first bricklaying robot, which makes masonry work a breeze. Our bricklaying robot will prevent wear and tear on the back and shoulders – and right now it is helping the masons at Enemærke & Petersen on the Fruehøjgaard construction site in Herning.

– We have developed the robot to make everyday life easier for all the masons who use our mast climbing work platforms every day. I am a trained mason myself and know how hard it can be to bend and stretch 700 times a day. The robot will help with that, says director Casper Knudsen from, who created the robot and continues: – Our robot cannot replace the mason. It is just a new and improved “mason” that can help with the monotonous work tasks.

The robot does the monotonous work

It is the craftsmen from the construction company Enemærke & Petersen who will work together with the bricklaying robot that will help lay stones and mortar in the future. – The robot will do the monotonous work, where the craftsmen, for example, twist their backs when they have to reach up high or bend down low. In this way, the robot, as an auxiliary tool on the site, helps to create a better work environment, and this is a great development for our industry, says Palle Glæsborg Nielsen, construction manager at Fruehøjgaard.

Self-driving BrickBot

The robot is called BrickBot and is built by the robot company Robot At Work based in Odense. The BrickBot is specially manufactured to be self-driving using’ lifts, from which the mason can load it with bricks and mortar. When the bricks are ready, the robot bricks fully automatically along the facade and uses laser guidance to correct where the stones and mortar should be placed.

Looking forward to the new colleague

At Fruehøjgaard, it is mason, Alex Bach, who initially gets BrickBot as his new colleague: – I’m really looking forward to it, and I can really see a future in this. Although I am only 33 years old, I can already feel that I have worked a lot doing the same movements. The robot will make my work day easier, and this will mean less wear and tear on my back and shoulders, says Alex Bach.



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