Mast climbers are mobile, flexible and great for the work environment

Mast climbers can replace the traditional scaffolding in the vast majority of cases, and more contractors and construction workers have recognised this.

Platform solutions are becoming increasingly popular for use in facade work, such as masonry work and the installation of window frames.

Mast climbers are suitable for practically all types of facade work and can be used in all weather conditions. The latter especially if the platforms are being covered. They have the capacity for several people to work simultaneously on the platforms’ large decks, and they carry materials, machines and tools up and down for the crew. They are also easy and precise to adjust in height as they are controlled by a remote control – and they can be moved as needed. All of which helps to provide users with a great benefit and flexibility in their everyday lives.

Tailor-made mast climbing work platform-solutions

At we tailor the mast climbing work platform solution to the specific construction or renovation task. We inspect, design, deliver, install, move and collect the platforms as required. Regardless of whether the platforms are to run up and down a straight facade, be mounted around a corner of a building, be used in connection with a round construction or something else entirely.

The mast climbers can be built with different types of brackets and special decks, so they can also be used when there are projections in the facade, such as balconies and bay windows. The electric sliding deck is a good example of such a special deck.

The platform can easily be constructed so that it can for example run up and down a round building.

Value-adding additional equipment improves the working environment

A mast climber is not just a mast climber. It can be equipped with a wide range of different attachments, such as top-slewing cranes, crane arms and small chassis. This makes the platform particularly suitable for a wide variety of challenging tasks.

If the platform solution is built with a mason’s console, this means that the masons do not have to kneel or stand on their tiptoes when laying the stones. They stand on the console – 50 cm below the platform deck – facing the facade, and work whilst the bricks, mortar, etc. are placed on the platform deck next to them. Stressful working heights can therefore be avoided.

A covered platform can help reduce the bad weather days and sick days, and create efficient work days and job satisfaction – even when it’s raining and windy, since the workers can stay dry and avoid the worst of the draughts and cold. Keeping the work surface dry also reduces the risk of work-related injuries. The cover also ensures that materials, power tools, etc. do not get wet.

If heavy glass sections are to be installed, it is possible to mount a vacuum suction on the mast climbing work platform. This makes it easy and convenient to lift large window and door sections, and the construction workers avoid heavy lifting.

A covered platform can help reduce the number of weather days and sick days and create efficient work days and job satisfaction.

Mobile mast climbers are simply a superb example of an innovative solution developed for the construction industry – an industry with an increasing focus on efficient and safe work environments. Our vision at is therefore also to get our mast climbers on even more construction sites in Denmark and in doing so, spread the word that mobile mast climbers, in the vast majority of cases, are the right – and most value-adding – solution when working at heights.

Take our advice when you have a facade task, so that you can concentrate on what matters the most – your construction or renovation project!



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