More mast climbers are covered during winter is seeing greater attention to mast climber coverage in the leasing of its mobile mast climbing work platform solutions.

More construction companies, construction workers and contractors are turning their attention to covered mast climbers for outdoor facade work during the winter months. designs and leases mobile mast climbers for construction and renovation projects across the country, and it predicts strong demand for covering when the winter season begins on the 1st of October this year, according to the calendar.

– Companies do this to provide the construction workers with the best possible working conditions, and it is also a requirement from the Danish Working Environment Authority that employers must consider winter measures from the 1st of October to the 31st of March, says Clemen Ditlevsen, quality and safety manager at

More mast climbers from will be covered this winter compared to previous winters, and Clemen Ditlevsen believes that companies are primarily driven by providing proper conditions for employees.

– The Danish Working Environment Authority requires winter measures for good reason. People should not get sick from standing in the rain, cold and draughts, because standing with a cold back is harmful in both the short and long term, and it can affect how long you can continue to work before retirement, he says.

Many customers also choose a summer version of the covering, as it provides shade for workers and materials from the strong rays of the sun, among other things.
Many customers also choose a summer version of the cover, as it shields construction workers and materials from the sun’s strong UV rays, among other things.

At the same time, the fact that construction companies have become busier all year round plays a role in the growing demand.

– Now, practically all construction workers work all year round, whereas previously there was a big drop in activity in the construction industry during the winter. This is no longer the case, and one of the reasons for this is the cover, says Clemen Ditlevsen.

Dry weather all year round ensures production

Last winter, invested heavily in more equipment to cover the mobile mast climbers in order to keep up with demand from companies.

– More and more people want covered mast climbers because it is a super-good product. Primarily because of the working environment, as construction workers can work in dry weather while also keeping their materials and tools dry. But it also means a lot to a project that the covering can help production going in practically any weather. So I am not surprised that demand is increasing, but at we are most excited about it because it helps to significantly improve workplace conditions, says Casper Knudsen, CEO of

– The tailor-made cover is adapted to the individual platform solution by means of special hangers that are mounted on the mast climber. A special foil is pulled over the hangers and attached to battens, after which the foil is heated with a heat blower to make it firm. This means it does not bother construction workers, residents or others by hanging loose and resulting in very loud, annoying noises, says the CEO.

Covered work platforms provide tradespeople with plenty of work space at height and, not least, in dry weather.
Covered mast climbing work platforms give construction workers plenty of working space at height – and under dry conditions.

Optimal working height spares construction workers’ backs

At the same time, he points out that the mobile mast climbers also have other qualities in terms of health and safety that make many companies prefer this solution.

– The construction workers themselves steer a mast climbing work platform up to the optimal working height for the work to be done on the facade. It is also possible to install a 50 centimetre recessed platform facing the building, also known as a mason’s console, where the masons stand while carrying out their work. This avoids the many tedious bends for the construction workers, as the materials are placed up on the deck of the platform, the CEO explains.

– It is also a significant benefit to the work environment that construction workers do not have to lug or hoist tools and materials, such as mortar, bricks, wood and insulation material. Everything is loaded onto the platform once i i’s lowered, and then driven up and down with the construction workers, says CEO Casper Knudsen.

A mason's bracket is characterized by masons standing on a recessed platform while they work. This greatly reduces the wear and tear on the masons from lifting.
A mason’s console is characterised by the masons standing on a recessed platform while working. This helps to save the masons or construction workers a lot of tiring lifting. is Denmark’s largest lessor of mast climbers, but the company is doing more than leasing. In fact, they offer a 360-degree collaboration that includes inspection, design, delivery, installation, relocation, pick-up and service as needed.

The company is also characterised by a strong focus on service, quality and safety. For this reason, they are also DRA-certified, so they can prove that their equipment and work processes meet the applicable requirements and standards!



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