makes a strategic million investment in hoists with large lifting capacity

One of Denmark’s largest lessors of hoists is making a multi-million investment in 12 new hoists from Alimak.

With this investment, the company expands its fleet of hoists by over 30 percent and significantly strengthens its position in leasing of passenger and material hoists in Denmark.

When working at height on a construction site, it is optimal to use a hoist with the highest possible lifting capacity – and at the same time limit the transportation time of the crew and materials. This is evident at, which is currently experiencing high demand for powerful construction hoists.

For this reason, has now invested in 12 additional large hoists from the Swedish company Alimak. These are two types of hoists, capable of lifting 1,900 and 2,300 kg respectively. The hoist itself measures 3.9 metres in length, and a 3.2 metre wide side door also makes it possible to load entire pallets with large quantities of materials directly into the construction hoist.

“We are delighted to be able to add significantly more hoists to our already large fleet, so that we can serve existing and new customers in the best possible way. We are noticing an increasing demand on construction sites for the hoists that can lift particularly heavy loads. This makes us very strong and we are following our strategic goal to be among the very largest lessors of hoists”, says Casper Knudsen, CEO of

The addition of the 12 new hoists brings’ fleet to around 40 passenger and material hoists with large lifting capacity. In addition, the company also has hoists with smaller lifting capacity, thus having the full range of hoist rental available.

12 new Alimak material hoists now make up part of the core of' rental fleet.

“The large construction hoists, with their powerful strength, can transport large quantities of materials and crew up and down the construction site at a speed of 54 metres/min. This ensures greater efficiency and makes the hoists very much in demand on construction sites across the country”, adds Casper Knudsen.

Intelligent control increases efficiency

All hoists are supplied with built-in ALC control. This is an intelligent control that ensures a soft landing when the hoist stops at a floor, as well as automatically stopping at all floors where it is commanded. In this way, the hoist resembles an elevator, and the function also reduces waiting time. supplies personnel and material hoists for construction projects, wherever they are in Denmark, and the company takes care of everything from planning, delivery and installation to ongoing service and collection. is also Denmark’s largest lessor of mobile mast climbers for construction and renovation projects.



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