“In shell structures, on scaffolding and similar open structures, where work is performed over longer periods of time, and where the workers are expected to be exposed to impacts from the weather which pose a risk to their health, coverage or similar measures shall be provided during the winter season to afford protection against the weather to such an extent as is practicable and reasonable.”

This is what the Danish Working Environment Authority writes in their guidance for winter precautions on scaffolding and mast climbing work platforms. Covering the platform can also distinguish between bad weather and sick days as well as effective working days and healthy employees since the covering ensures less drafts and a dry workplace.

The modern replacement for scaffolding.

The mobile mast climbing work platform is the modern replacement for the traditional scaffolding and can be used for several kinds of facade construction tasks, including window replacement, external cavity walls and more. The mobile mast climbing work platforms meet all legal requirements as well as safety and flexibility – and the special sheeting and covering offered at Platform.as makes the mast climbing work platform even more flexible.

The covering is made of a wrap, which is heat foiled on the platform. This method is brilliant due to the incredibly strong and stable surface that makes sure that the covering easily makes it through windy weather without tearing apart or making loud noises. This is an advantage not only for the workers but also the residents. Other advantages include the fact that a hole in the covering can easily be patched with heat, which makes access and delivery of materials very easy.

Customised mobile mast climbing work platforms

Additional advantages of the mobile mast climbing work platforms are that it is easy to change height and working position, that they do not take up space for longer than absolutely necessary, and that they are easy to move around and reassemble. Also, it is possible to get sturdy and flexible covers for the platforms, which is desirable in the cold months:

– The message must be that covers contribute to a much better work environment. It is a good investment for the companies because they shield the employees from drafts, rain and wind – and it is a requirement from the Danish Working Environment Authority that you take good care of your employees, says Kenneth Hansen from Platform.as.

We help with mast climbers and coverings

Platform.as designs and rents out customised mast climbing work platforms and hoists all over the country for all types of facade work. The company offers an all-round service that includes inspection, delivery, assembly, relocation, service and pickup as needed, and the more than 360 platforms are characterised by high security from our DRA-certification.


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