Largest single rental of mast climbers

No less than 54 mast climbers are in operation at the same time, when the leasing company has delivered the machines for the largest rental of mast climbers in Danish construction history.

The Danish leasing company has convincing success with mast climbers for construction and facade renovations across the country. The company has now landed its largest single rental of mast climbers to date.

This will happen in mid-July, when the 54th mast climbing work platform will be installed at a construction site in Sydhavnsgade in Copenhagen. It is the largest leasing of mast climbers ever in Denmark, and according to Platform’s CEO, it is a sign of a shift in the industry.

“We are proud of this historic collaboration, which shows that customers see more opportunities and benefits in using mobile mast climbers. And it also shows a general trend in the market’s understanding that mast climbers and platforms solve a wide range of diverse tasks better than traditional scaffolding. We are specialists in taking care of all the practicalities and offering new features that allow our customers to concentrate on what they do best”, says Casper G. Knudsen, CEO of

Mast climbers solve more tasks

MLI Murerenterprise A/S has entered into collaboration with, and the 54 mast climbing work platforms are used for both facade work and as rooftop protection in connection with the construction of 384 homes.

Whereas it has previously been standard practice to hire a scaffolding company prior to such facade and roof projects, flexible and ergonomic platform solutions will in the future solve more of this type of task – with many different extra functions that help ensure a better work environment for the employees.

54 work platforms mounted on one construction site.

“We take pride in delivering the very best projects every time – both in terms of the end result for the client and the best working conditions for our people. Mast climbing work platforms provide the best conditions for this. Working with ensures that we always have equipment and materials at hand – and at the right working height. At the same time, the platforms allow us to increase safety, as we also use them as roof protection”, says Lars Ingemann from MLI Murerenterprise A/S.

The construction in Sydhavnsgade is currently ongoing, and is responsible for inspecting, planning and designing the mast climbing solutions, as well as delivering, installing, moving, servicing and collecting the mast climbers after use.

Multifunctional mast climbing work platforms

The special use of mast climbing work platforms as roof protection means that the platforms are locked under the roof footing and the guardrails are fitted with safety-approved netting, which secures the workers on the roof in the event of a fall. The platform’s decks are also larger than a traditional scaffolding deck, providing more space for each worker – both to store their materials and to carry out their work.

“It is also possible to mount an additional platform on the mast that carries the platform, which acts as a roof safety device. Thus, one platform can secure and service the workers on the roof, while another machine below can be used for the facade work, all on one mast. Of course, this requires good planning, but in return it also provides a fantastically efficient solution”, says Morten Guldberg Hansen, project manager at and on the project on Sydhavnsgade. is, with its 350 mast climbers, Denmark’s largest leasing company of mast climbing work platforms – and among the country’s largest leasing companies of personnel and material hoists. Since 2008, has carried out thousands of projects for companies of all sizes throughout the country.

Work platforms are a fantastic efficient solution, says project manager Morten Guldberg Hansen.



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