lands million contract with NCC has agreed on a two-year contract with the large contractor NCC. Platform’s director, Casper Gorm Knudsen estimates that the agreement will increase the company’s revenue by DKK 8-10 millions annually. has entered into a new agreement with the Nordics’ largest construction company NCC, and we are incredibly happy about that.

For the next two years, will supply mobile mast climbing work platforms to NCC in Denmark – an agreement which is expected to increase revenue by DKK 8-10 millions annually. NCC approached about the possibility of a permanent collaboration after several well-executed tasks on a project basis.
– “We have worked together on a number of large projects, where both parties were happy with the experience. It is a huge gift that one of the largest and most respected construction companies contacts us for a permanent collaboration. We look forward to delivering the market’s best mast climbers and hoists that improve the work environment and provide the opportunity to solve tasks smarter, says Casper Gorm Knudsen, CEO of

NCC does not comment on specific business partners, but they value good trade relations with suppliers who deliver quality products and solutions and who contribute positively to our many building and construction projects.

– We always strive for effective cooperation, where the overall framework is clarified in the agreement, while all the specific and project-oriented matters are resolved between the supplier and our many skilled project people, says Tim Nederveen, who is category manager in NCC’s purchasing department.

The road to better work environment and increased efficiency

He says that a great work environment is essential to having happy employees and an efficient business – especially in the construction industry, where the craftsmen are often in strenuous working positions. Therefore, mast climbing work platforms have become a popular alternative to scaffolding, as they are more flexible and can be adapted to all work situations and positions.

– A mast climbing work platform ensures that equipment and materials are always close at hand, and your people avoid time-consuming trips up and down a scaffolding. It is mobile and always ensures the right working height, so that professionals have a healthier workflow and fewer occupational injuries. In addition to this, the customer gets rid of covered buildings, says Casper Gorm Knudsen, who also feels the increasing interest. bets on several cooperation agreements has already sent the first machines to NCC’s construction sites and expects to deliver 40-50 mast climbers to NCC per year. According to Casper Gorm Knudsen, it is a clear strategy for to enter into long-term cooperation agreements with the contractors.

– This is a big advantage for the contractors, as they get a really great price, and they do not have to go out and renegotiate every time they start a new project. At the same time, they know the prices in advance and can easily calculate it into their budget. And of course we are happy to have loyal customers that we know, says Casper Gorm Knudsen, who has entered into similar agreements with e.g. MT Højgaard.

The agreement with NCC Denmark is valid until 2021, when the agreement must be renegotiated.



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