Jutland branch moves to Skejby

With the move from Tilst to Skejby, Platform.as more than triples its area.

In addition to a location even closer to the highway network, the lessor will have much more space and significantly improved facilities, which will benefit customers.

Platform.as is growing. The lessor’s Aarhus branch has long been challenged in terms of space as more customers and more equipment are serviced in Jutland and on Funen.

The nationwide company is now responding by moving its Tilst branch in western Aarhus to an even larger location in northern Aarhus. The new address is Graham Bells Vej 25A, 8200 Aarhus N, located in an area with many businesses in the district of Skejby – a very central location in connection to the highway network. In addition to the new geographical location, there are several business reasons for the move.

– The primary reason for the move is that we have simply outgrown our current facilities in Tilst. Currently we share space and office with another leasing company that we have been renting the space from. In practice, this means that we have machines in several places on the premises. This is not an optimal solution and we have therefore searched for and found a new and larger location that we can manage ourselves. In Skejby we have facilities that will provide an optimal basis for improved efficiency, quality and customer service, so the move is definitely a big win for our customers, says Casper Gorm Knudsen, CEO of Platform.as.

 2) At the same time, the indoor conditions for workshop worker Rasmus Hjortborg and his colleagues are also significantly improved.

With the relocation, Platform.as moves from 3,000 sqm. site and storage space in Tilst to Skejby with more than 10,000 sqm. At the same time, the space for manufacturing and storage will be almost quadrupled, and the company’s facilities for offices, canteen and changing rooms will be more than doubled. The extra space will make it easier to keep track of equipment and spare parts, and the improved door conditions will make it possible to service and prepare even more machines at the same time.

Partly because we are a DRA-certified lessor, we have a lot of procedures for how to treat and service the machines. And it’s all the easier when we have more space available, says Casper Gorm Knudsen, and continues:

It is also important to have some work platforms ready for rental in the local area, so we can act agile when customers want fast delivery. It is important to be able to react quickly in the equipment leasing industry. Craftsmen and small contractors in particular sometimes require very fast delivery when they get new job orders. Or when they discover what a fantastic machine a mast climbing work platform is in terms of mobility, flexibility, working environment and costs compared to a traditional scaffold, says Casper Gorm Knudsen.

A welcome side benefit will be the smoother on-site logistics, as the number of external haulage contractors will be significantly reduced when Platform.as no longer has to share premises with another leasing company.

The new location also provides the opportunity to have several work platforms ready for rental with very short notice. Here, space manager Michael Jespersen is working on organizing the new site.



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