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For many years, it has been customary to call a scaffolding company when roofing or facade work is to be done – for example when replacing a roof or the like. will now change this. In collaboration with Solrød Stilladser, the company in Ishøj has developed a completely new and unique product, where the mast climbing the work platform is used to cover the building. There will still be a need for scaffolding for the roof, but platforms will now form the supporting element.

Larger work area and unobstructed access

When the total covering is ready, the actual platform from which work is carried out will be locked under the eaves so that it cannot be driven down. This means, among other things, that there will be a much larger area to work on, as the deck of the platform is larger than the deck of the scaffolding. There will thus be a greater space for storing materials and for carrying out the work. In addition to the space in the work area itself becoming larger, you will also be able to move freely along the eaves to a greater extent, as there will be no vertical columns that you have to go around.

Besides the optimised work area, the solution will also mean that you can move the roofing much faster to a new area that needs to be covered. This is done with the help of a specially designed system that makes it possible to roll the roof on so-called “roller skates” or “trolleys”, which run on horizontal profiles that lie along the eaves.

In addition to the above advantages of the new solution, there is also a greater load capacity on the deck, fewer inconveniences for residents, who get rid of scaffolding on the entire facade, thus also minimising the risk of burglary, and a lower price – especially for larger.

The working cover is increased with the new solution
The deck where the craftsmen carry out their work is considerably increased with the new solution.

The solution of the future assesses that the future potential for the new solution is enormous. “In addition to the many tasks that lie ahead of us, there is also huge potential for development in the product itself, which will make it even more attractive compared to the traditional solution. We work i.a. on being able to mount two platforms on the masts, so that work can be done on the facade at the same time that the upper platform is locked to the eaves. In this way, for example, you will be able to change the roof and windows at the same time, under the same cover,” says a clearly enthusiastic director, Casper Knudsen, adding, “We have already solved tasks with two platforms on the same mast, so it is just a matter of adapting the existing solution to this new one”.

Nothing left to chance

The absolute top priority for this project, as for all other projects embarks on, is of course, security. “We have spent more than a year developing this new product and we have gone through countless calculations to be absolutely sure that everything is as it should be. We also all have all approvals – i.a. from the Danish Working Environment Authority. For, it is about quality, service and security, with a big emphasis on SAFTY,” Casper Knudsen explains.

The first roofing has already been installed in Roskilde, where Byens Tag og Facade has been the first ones to see the possibilities of the new solution. If you want to know more, you can contact us on +45 32 114 333 or It will be possible to get a demonstration of the project in Roskilde.

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