Facade scaffolding

If you have a look around in Copenhagen, you will find that most scaffolding is categorised as facade scaffolding, since facade scaffolding is what the name suggests: scaffolding up a facade, regardless of whether it is for the yard or for the street.

Popular scaffolding solution

Facade scaffolding is used for large and small renovations and construction projects by both private and professional craftsmen. A facade scaffolding is a flexible scaffolding solution that can be built up and around any construction project. The facade scaffolding can be built so that the scaffolding accommodates the work tasks of several different craftsmen at the same time – you just have to keep in mind that the scaffolding is not suitable for heavy work or can be loaded heavily with materials.

A facade scaffold can be used for many different tasks such as facade insulation, facade renovation, roof renovation, window replacement, sandblasting, tiling and plastering. Since a facade scaffold is a complete and classic scaffolding solution in all its generality, it is the same components that are used in a complex hanging scaffold or expanded to be a masonry scaffold that can withstand heavy tasks.



Facade scaffolding is a popular scaffolding solution for facade renovation, roof work and other tasks that do not require a lot of weight on the individual scaffold deck – otherwise masonry scaffolding is the better alternative. The facade scaffold is suited for many tasks of different professional groups.

Scaffolding set up

Facade scaffolding is the most common scaffolding solution, where the requirements for the scaffolding construction are defined by the work tasks. If you need to have the facade painted, the width of the scaffolding must be at least 0.6 metres, for window replacement the width of the scaffolding must be at least 1.2 metres wide and for roof work the requirement is that the scaffolding at the foot of the roof must be 1.2 metres wide and at the gable 0.6 metres wide according to The Danish Working Environment Authority.

The set up of the scaffolding must take the terrain, substrate, weather conditions, etc. into account. In other words, the scaffolding must be placed on a firm base and be secured so that it does not tip over. Like all other scaffolding, facade scaffolding must be provided with handrails and footers when the height of the scaffolding is over 2 metres. Outdoor scaffolding with a height of more than 10.5 metres must be attached to a wall. Facade scaffolding must comply with the usual scaffolding rules and guidelines from the Danish Working Environment Authority on the scaffolder’s responsibilities.


The rental price for a facade scaffold varies in relation to the choice of scaffold type, width, length and height. It is worth noting that the price varies in relation to the scaffolding class, the width of the scaffolding and the choice of scaffolding supplier.

Renting facade scaffolding is cheaper than masonry scaffolding, as facade scaffolding has a lower class, is narrower and requires fewer components. Besides the rental price for facade scaffolding, you also pay for assembly, dismantling and environmental charges in addition to the fixed rental price. And in addition to the scaffolding, the client also rents a material lift, fall chute, a cover/roof, a stair tower and possibly a tower for the materials, because the project also requires this additional equipment.


You can choose to use facade scaffolding when you need to work efficiently, safely and correctly at height. Facade scaffolding is a good choice if your construction project requires width, flexibility and a light load.

Facade scaffolding for light facade work can be built with frame scaffolding, while heavy facade work is handled from facade scaffolding mounted in column scaffolding. Facade scaffolding is most often built in scaffolding classes 2 to 4, which corresponds to a load of 150 kg to 300 kg, a concentrated load of 200 x 200 mm = 100 kg and a concentrated load of 500 x 500 mm = 300 kg.

Therefore, facade scaffolding is an obvious choice for work such as repairs, window replacement, inspection, facade renovation, roof work and light masonry work such as tiling, plastering and joint stripping. A scaffold may not be used for work functions other than the tasks for which the scaffold is designed. If you are in doubt, you can read the scaffolding’s green safety sign regarding the set up date, the scaffolding class and purpose.

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Are you facing a facade project and are you thinking about renting facade scaffolding for this? Then you might want to consider whether a mobile mast climbing work platform is a better solution. You get just as much flexibility with a mobile mast climbing work platform as you do with the classic facade scaffolding, if not more. A mast climbing work platform has many options to accommodate the different working heights of the craftsmen, which ensures a good and healthy working environment.

You avoid straining working heights with a mast climbing work platform, as you can easily move the platform up and down depending on where you are in the process. The facade scaffolding has a constant height, unless you have scaffolders to go around adjusting the scaffolding construction along the way.

A mast climbing work platform is a modern alternative to the facade scaffolding, as the platform is a flexible workplace that can be adapted to the specific work task in relation to width, height and depth.

The mast climbing work platform can reach up to 200 metres in height and 46 metres in width with double masts. If you are in need of greater range, do not hesitate to contact us and we will find a solution.

The working area on a mast climbing work platform from Scanclimber is significantly larger and the load capacity of 2 consoles is 240 kg. The load distribution of the Scanclimber models SC5000, SC6000 and SC8000 is calculated to be 320 kg, which can be distributed on the platform's aluminium deck as liked.


Choose a mast climbing work platform over scaffolding. You get the same flexibility, good working environment and safety. When you rent a mast climbing work platform from us, you get a total price which covers everything from the initial inspection, assembly, moving and collecting the platform again.

A mast climbing work platform gives you many options and functions, as a mobile mast climbing work platform is suitable for everything from small to large facade projects in all kinds of weather.

With a mast climbing work platform from Platform.as, you will experience how easy it is to work from the platform, to cover the platform, to load materials onto the platform and how time efficient it is to be able to move around your mast climbing work platform rather than having scaffolding built around the entire building.

A mast climbing work platform does not take up nearly as much space as a scaffold. It is an advantage for the residents during facade work, since the platform does not shield the windows, and uninvited guests cannot climb up and use the platform for burglary and vandalism. When you make use of a mast climbing work platform for your construction project, the residents will not get the feeling of living directly on the construction site, as if the building was wrapped in scaffolding and plastic.


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